Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - May 8, 2024

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Today's Topics:

  • CTA still being challenged.
  • WUCIOA changes (to existing statute, only relevant to current WUCIOA communities for now) take effect June 6, 2024.
  • How (if at all) will WUCIOA affect a preexisting community's ability to enforce an existing rental restriction?
  • Review of heat pump legislation.
  • Discussion re: if/how governing documents can be amended to put owners on notice of future restrictions (i.e., getting around Chiwawa?).
  • How to handle it if a proposed amendment (not yet sent to the owners) is not compliant with the law.
  • Are law firm comments to the board re: proposed amendments protected by attorney-client privilege? Can/should they be disclosed to ownership?
  • Can board vote to open pool earlier than stated in rules?
  • Are any of the upcoming (2024) changes to WUCIOA applicable to non-WUCIOA communities?
  • How can a community adopt WUCIOA now instead of waiting for 2028?
  • Records statutes and timeline for turnover of association records when there is a management change.
  • WA Department of Ecology has declared a drought in most of the state. Can associations still encourage watering? Can they still enforce non-watering related landscaping rules?
  • Authority for having a board member abstain/recuse from voting when they have an interest in the issue being voted upon.
  • Local noise ordinances & impact on heat pump bill.
  • Can the board adopt new qualifications for serving on the board? (Spoiler alert: no! This requires a vote of the ownership.)
  • Can management company contact an association's attorney without board approval?

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