Michele loves Valerie and CLG!

I cannot recommend Condominium Law Group enough. I give them 10 stars. Valerie and the team at CLG have helped my properties with everything from setting up a collections policy to collecting outstanding assessments. A property we just started managing has the lowest outstanding receivables balance in years thanks to the CLG team. Valerie and the team keep the board and management team in constant communication throughout the process. Valerie is always responsive and willing to participate in board meetings. They make my job so much easier.

– Michele Oliveri

Mill Creek Community Association has worked with CLG for just over one year. CLG does more than condos! MCCA is a large Community Association with single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, and apartments. CLG has helped us update our Collections Process, ensured our budget ratification process complies with state law, and made significant progress updating our Covenants and Bylaws. Their Fee Schedule, which lists a flat fee for many of their services, gives me peace of mind and prevents unnecessary surprises when I receive my monthly bill. Their weekly legal zoom sessions help me navigate state law changes and provide a FREE forum where I can ask general questions. The CLG staff is professional and responsive. When the MCCA Board and I work with CLG, we know our Association receives sound legal advice.

– Hilary Bublitz, Association Director, Mill Creek Community Association

We have enjoyed using CondoLaw for our collections and general counsel needs these last several years. They have been a great partner in the ever-changing world of Association law, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when regulations were changing constantly. For collections they work quickly and precisely with a high success rate for our mutual clients. When considering a firm to guide you through the confusing world of Association law, I would highly recommend CondoLaw as your trusted partners.

– Jessica Wood, Associate Director, Blue Mountain Community Management

In my working partnership with Condominium Law Group I have always received exceptional service and professionalism. They have clear knowledge and understanding of the industry and really take the time to get to know the client to provide clear guidance and direction. They provide quick turnaround, and for issues taking more time, always provide a timeframe that they follow through on. They go above and beyond by consistently being a resource and providing ongoing learning opportunities for the industry. Additionally, Valerie Oman, who handles client collection efforts, is always effective, diligent, and a pleasure to work with.”

– Monika Padilla, CMCA, Director of Community Management

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