Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - May 22, 2024

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Today's Topics:

  • CTA still being challenged.
  • WUCIOA changes (to existing statute, only relevant to current WUCIOA communities for now) take effect June 6, 2024.
  • No Q&A on Juneteenth (Wednesday, June 19)
  • Free webinar for WSCAI members on June 20:
  • Discussion of attorney-client privilege
  • Can you email an owner even if they haven't opted in to electronic notices? What if they email you first?
  • Applicability of RCW 64.90.525 (budget ratification process) to all communities. Elimination of caps on increases in assessments for HOA communities under RCW 64.90.080(2).
  • County tax lien foreclosure, affect on other creditor liens (including associations)
  • Virtual meetings - do they require an in-person option, too?
  • Minimum number of board meetings required by law?
  • Selling small pieces of the common elements to lot owners - how hard is it? Does it ever backfire? (Spoiler: HARD, and YES.)
  • HOPA (Housing for Older Persons Act) affidavits
  • Discussion re: insurance deductible, owner responsibility for same, etc.
  • 20 years' of records, digitizing some, knowing what to keep and what can be discarded.
  • Changes to RCW 64.90.095 in 2024 (no substantive change).
  • Voting on an amendment to the Bylaws, electronic voting app, etc.
  • How to "fix it" if you did not include the statutory pre-foreclosure notice of delinquency with the first mailed notice to the owner that their account is delinquent.

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