Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - April 10, 2024

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Today's Topics:

  • ESSB 5796 (WUCIOA for all) has passed and was signed into law. Will take effect January 1, 2028.
  • Federal district court judge (11th circuit) rules CTA unconstitutional.
  • WSCAI Annual Conference coming up!
  • Multiple family members serving on board at the same time
  • Obligation to distribute monthly financial reports to all owners?
  • If one person/entity owns a majority of the units in a community, do they control community votes?
  • Can the board discuss routine business matters in executive session?
  • Additional discussion re: executive session
  • Defining delinquency; charging penalties on extremely small sums due
  • Discussion re: CC&Rs prohibiting business use, statutes that limit authority to enforce
  • Protocol for getting second legal opinion on an issue
  • Consequences of failing to fund reserves
  • Discussion re: reserve account withdrawals, RCW 64.38.075
  • Minimum vote required, and enforceability of requiring tenants to be "full-time residents"
  • Minimum percentage vote required to amend declaration under WUCIOA
  • Can a board make "editorial" or correction-related changes to Declaration without a vote of the ownership?
  • Questions re: board signing loan documents, whether owner vote is required, etc.
  • Discussion re: complying with statutes re: records, specifically w/r/t list of owners and addresses
  • Process of adopting WUCIOA as your governing statute
  • How to make owners cover association's insurance deductible (Declaration amendment only)
  • How and where to add anti-harassment language to documents
  • Can 55+/HOPA communities require 100% of homes to have at least one 55+ occupant?
  • Do meeting minutes have to follow a specific format?
  • What does "governing documents" include?
  • If the board changes the rules, do they have to be published to the owners?
  • When should board formally approve minutes of budget ratification meeting?
  • When can insurance deductible be assessed to owners (instead of being treated as a common expense, as is the default)?
  • Is management company required to maintain records of all violations, delinquencies, etc.?
  • Possible repercussions if WUCOIA community fails to establish/maintain reserve account

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