FHA Recertification

We’ve received a number of calls recently about FHA recertification for condominiums. This is due in large part to the December 7, 2010 deadline for recertification of many of the condominiums in Washington. Certification for all condominiums approved prior to October 1, 2008 will expire on December 7, 2010. If your condominium received FHA approval after January 1, 2000, it is eligible for the recertification process. The recertification process is easier and less involved than full project approval. Please contact our office to request a copy of a recertification checklist that can walk your association through this process. If your condominium received FHA approval prior to January 1, 2000, full project approval is required. If you do not know whether or when your condominium was approved by FHA, you can check the following web page: https://entp.hud.gov/idapp/html/condlook.cfm Use the “State” drop down menu to select Washington and enter your condominium’s name in the space provided. The search will tell you if and when your condominium received FHA approval. If you have questions, or need assistance with the FHA approval process, please feel free to contact our office. We would be happy to help.