Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - October 26, 2022

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DISCLAIMER - The discussions in this Zoom Q&A are not legal advice and cannot be used to advise any particular association (or owner) with any specific question and/or circumstances. The comments in this Zoom Q&A are intended for informational purposes only.

Today's Topics:

  • Secretary of State electronic filing for non-profit corporate filings still unavailable indefinitely.
  • Clearing up misconceptions re: time limit on collecting ballots, recording bylaws, and reallocating parking spaces.
  • HOA authority to enforce parking rules on public streets.
  • Options re: concern over an owner's well-being.
  • Importance of reserve study to budget process.
  • Documentation when borrowing money from reserve fund.
  • Automatic renewal of governing documents?
  • Amendment vs. restatement.
  • Exceptions to reserve study requirement.
  • When to allow owners to speak at board meetings.
  • Board "meeting" by phone weekly in between official board meetings.
  • Requiring owners to submit leases to the Board.
  • Helping owners secure financing (individual) to pay a special assessment?
  • Limiting the # of dogs per home, less than local jurisdiction allows.
  • Ideas for taking roll call at a large annual meeting.
  • Are all HOAs required to have a reserve account?