Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - November 30, 2022

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Today's Topics:

  • Difference between a repair and an improvement
  • Discussion re: signs re: video surveillance
  • Tenants allowed to attend association meetings?
  • Discussion re: exempting current owners from newly adopted restrictions
  • Association authority to require owners to carry insurance
  • Security cameras in common areas, in owner homes
  • Whether email is a form of "mailing" for budget notices
  • How to request documents from a self-managed board
  • Board member request for manager/owner emails
  • Limiting owners' rights to vote, enforceability, practicality
  • How to change the number of board members
  • What tenant info the board can require an owner/landlord to submit
  • Association authority to require owner to evict tenant
  • Owner recording board meetings without notification
  • What counts as a majority vote when some board members abstain or recuse themselves
  • WUCIOA's elimination of certain assessment-related restrictions for single-family home plat communities formed under RCW 64.38

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