Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - May 3, 2023

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Today's Topics:

  • Form 27/resale certificate
  • "Emergency"/special board meetings
  • Converting a CD to a treasury
  • Can a board make catching up on dues a condition of ACC approval?
  • What is a reasonable length of time an owner must wait before ACC approval is "automatic?"
  • Questions about snow removal policy
  • WUCIOA provision eliminating caps on increases in assessments for single-family plat communities governed by RCW 64.38
  • WUCIOA section on resale certificates - applies to HOAs
  • Strategy to adopt insurance amendment
  • Middle housing bill
  • Executive sessions
  • For sale signs in condo buildings
  • Holding management company accountable
  • Enforcing county regulations
  • Amending documents to limit the # of units one owner can own
  • What to do if the board secretary forgot to take minutes at a meeting 8 months ago
  • Using cameras on the exterior of the building to determine which owner drives into the security gate
  • Hiring a resident to do handyman services, minor repairs, etc. Can we have them sign a waiver?
  • What is a reasonable time frame to require an owner to remove a dog deemed dangerous by Animal Control?
  • Is there a 60-day requirement to issue minutes?
  • Renters attending board meetings – do we need documentation?
  • Hiring businesses referred by owners – is this okay?

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