Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - May 1, 2024

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Today's Topics:

  • CTA still being challenged.
  • WUCIOA changes (to existing statute, only relevant to current WUCIOA communities for now) take effect June 6, 2024.
  • Can you ask board members about their criminal history, and possibly exclude them from serving on the board if they have one?
  • Modifying (draft) minutes to remove an owner's name from attendance; how it might affect quorum
  • When does an invoice become a record of the association?
  • Discussion re: owner records request
  • How to record results of election by mail following annual meeting
  • How to handle long, repeated, potentially unreasonable communications from an owner
  • Including reserve info in budget ratification packet, allowing owner questions at ratification meeting
  • Competing quorum requirements between Condo Act and WUCIOA
  • How to send delinquency and violation notices
  • How non-WA court cases can influence courts here
  • Resale Certificates for HOAs
  • Can governing docs supersede RCW 64.38 requirements for special assessment voting?
  • Restating documents in light of WUCIOA for All
  • WUCIOA requirements for rental caps
  • How to it when the declaration states election of officers “shall” be held at the next board meeting but Board wants to do it in executive session
  • Changes in WUCIOA for all regarding secret ballots for Board elections and amendments, and changes to records retention requirements making these voting records protected records

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