Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - March 9, 2022

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DISCLAIMER - The discussions in this Zoom Q&A are not legal advice and cannot be used to advise any particular association (or owner) with any specific question and/or circumstances. The comments in this Zoom Q&A are intended for informational purposes only.

Today's Topics:

  • Secretary of State electronic filing for non-profit corporate filings still unavailable.
  • Revisiting COVID-related policies and protocols in light of rapid changes in circumstances. Consider adding it standing agenda for board meetings.
  • Mask mandates expire March 14, 2022.
  • Payment obligation once owner has passed away.
  • Questions about daily fines.
  • Charging late fees & interest on fines.
  • How to apply payments on an owner account.
  • Can owners effectively opt-in to electronic consent by "clicking a button" on management website?
  • If/how pet rules apply when owner requests accommodation for emotional support animal.
  • Options for checking on an owner about whom the board is concerned for healthy and safety reasons.
  • Statutory process to vote by mail to waive audit.
  • Investment of reserve funds.
  • Development of condo over time/in phases.
  • What audits are looking for? What is a red flag, and what is good?
  • How lifting of mask mandate affects common areas.