Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - March 29, 2023

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Today's Topics:

  • NO Q&A NEXT WEEK (April 5)
  • Sign up for WSCAI's Call to Action Emails (Legislative Action Committee)
  • April 29 WSCAI's Law Day
  • Rental caps, waiting lists, and what happens if a tenant passes away
  • If an owner fails to show up for a due process hearing, what happens?
  • Using reserve funds to pay for repair/replacement of reserve and non-reserve components
  • Safeguards to avoid management-related "losses" from association accounts
  • Reserve study questions, including funding models, disclosures to prospective buyers, etc.
  • Rental caps and who counts as a rental - roommates? Relatives?
  • How to handle impact of home businesses within HOAs.
  • Insurance and contract recommendations with "small" contracts (low dollar value)
  • If quorum is not achieved at annual meeting, can board appoint new members instead?
  • Can board members vote by proxy? (NO!)
  • Strategies to coax reluctant board into getting a reserve study

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