Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - March 22, 2023

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Today's Topics:

  • Sign up for WSCAI's Call to Action Emails (Legislative Action Committee)
  • April 29 WSCAI's Law Day
  • Covenants abandoned after a long period of non-enforcement?
  • Compound interest -Obligation to notify owners (and provide copy?) after restatement is adopted
  • Delinquency rates, consequences of same, etc.
  • Resuming in person meetings, continuing virtual meetings, social gatherings, etc.
  • Notifying owners when a pesticide will be used
  • Expired CC&Rs
  • Board quorum and board decisions
  • Can owners make a motion for a board vote at a board meeting?
  • Other educational/training resources for board members
  • Options for dealing with owners who park over the sidewalk
  • Any legislation pending that penalizes board for failing to ratify budget?
  • Contractor's bond, liability insurance, and performance bond
  • General discussion of why we advise the way we do - risk mitigation, etc.

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