Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - January 5, 2022

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DISCLAIMER - The discussions in this Zoom Q&A are not legal advice and cannot be used to advise any particular association (or owner) with any specific question and/or circumstances. The comments in this Zoom Q&A are intended for informational purposes only.

Today's Topics:

  • Revisiting COVID-related policies and protocols in light of rapid changes in circumstances.
  • Reminder that Secretary of State will not have electronic filing available for non-profit corporate filings from December 30, 2021 through end of February.
  • Changes to RCW 24.03 (non-profit corporations act) took effect January 1.
  • Additional management fees related to sale of properties, statutory maximum on resale cert fee.
  • Do condo associations have to pay taxes on interest income? Are they exempt as non-profits?
  • If you lose all board members and can't seat a valid board, is receivership an option? How does that work?
  • Mitigating liability related to kids sledding on association property.
  • Why do board decisions made outside of a board meeting have to be unanimous?
  • Do the requirements of the non-profit corporation statutes "commingle" with community association statutes, or does one override the other?
  • What happens if you send notices to owners electronically when they haven't opted in?
  • Can a board member change their vote three weeks after a decision was made?
  • How can an association "go green" and stop sending meeting packets in the mail to owners?
  • Discussion of unit owners installing generators to power their condos during power outages.
  • Various questions about reserve funding, what is a reserve expense v. a regular budget expense, etc.
  • Can a board rescind or override a vote of the association from an annual meeting?