Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - January 26, 2022

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DISCLAIMER - The discussions in this Zoom Q&A are not legal advice and cannot be used to advise any particular association (or owner) with any specific question and/or circumstances. The comments in this Zoom Q&A are intended for informational purposes only.

Today's Topics:

  • Reminder that Secretary of State will not have electronic filing available for non-profit corporate filings from December 30, 2021 through end of February.
  • Revisiting COVID-related policies and protocols in light of rapid changes in circumstances. Consider adding it standing agenda for board meetings.
  • Seattle eviction moratorium extended through 2/14/22.
  • February 10 CAI board member training re: insurance and water leaks.
  • Reminder re: reserve disclosures required to properly ratify budget.
  • Can a condo amend its documents to require open board meetings?
  • Are minutes required for a violation hearing?
  • Discussion re: whether changes to collection policy can circumvent or minimize impact of new pre-foreclosure requirements.
  • Is not making budgeted reserve contributions the same as borrowing from reserves?
  • HOA liability for water that flows from HOA property onto owner property.
  • Whether string lights on balconies violate city light pollution ordinance.
  • Voting via secret ballot by mail.
  • Senate bill 5670, "middle housing."
  • Board members drinking (or even drunk) during board meetings.
  • Bylaws requirement that association funds be maintained in Washington State bank.
  • Recent legal changes re: energy saving roofing materials?