Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - February 8, 2023

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Today's Topics:

  • Sign up for WSCAI's Call to Action Emails (Legislative Action Committee)
  • Crediting board member assessments as incentive to serve on board?
  • Dealing with a dissolved corporation
  • Using surplus funds on capital improvements?
  • How to know what statute you are governed by
  • Differences between old act and new act
  • Quick recap/definition of WUCIOA
  • Statutes & cases re: use restrictions
  • Minimum/maximum lease terms - statute?
  • Open board meetings, "working meetings," and notice to owners
  • Owners renting room to roommate, move in fees, etc.
  • Hierarchy of board members? Or all equal in power?
  • Obligations, under New Act, to disclose percentage funded w/r/t reserve study
  • Annual meeting, no quorum - options?
  • Common interest ownership statutes v. non-profit corporations statutes
  • How to define rentals (do relatives count?)
  • Re-ratifying (or re-disclosing) ongoing special assessments
  • When fines don't work, options when an owner refuses to paint their home

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