Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - February 15, 2023

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Today's Topics:

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  • Prohibiting religious "speech" while allowing other speech (sidewalk chalk question)
  • Amending governing documents without an amendment provision
  • What to do when a board doesn't hold open meetings
  • Statutory requirement to include reserve study in resale certificate
  • Potential buyer demanding to attend board meeting
  • Proper procedure for board member to submit maintenance/repair request
  • Co-owners serving on board at the same time
  • Working sessions, board meetings, and orientations
  • Providing board meeting minutes in resale certificate
  • Board members voting by proxy? (Not allowed)
  • Remote/virtual meetings for ALL communities
  • Voting by mail, quorum required?
  • Who "owns" resale certificate?
  • Paying board members for service on board
  • disclosure to owners, vote by owners, etc.
  • Requiring owners to replace water heaters every 10 years (high risk component amendment)
  • HB 1569 -
  • Smoking in units causing smells in other units or common areas
  • Allowing an owner's attorney to attend board meeting w/ owner
  • Dealing with an owner who interrupts/interjects during board meetings
  • Ratifying a previous board decision
  • Statutory citation allowing virtual meetings
  • Requesting copies of resale certificates from management company

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