Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - December 7, 2022

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Today's Topics:

  • Resources for individual owners to better understand governing documents & terminology.
  • When a tree falls from HOA property onto an owner's lot, who is responsible to remove the fallen tree?
  • RCWs that override governing document restrictions on solar panels.
  • Are fines "assessments?" Charging late fees & interest; collection options.
  • FNMA condominium review questionnaire.
  • What personal contact info must be shared, what is private & can be protected from disclosure?
  • If/how City of Seattle property use regulations affect properties in condominium and HOAs.
  • Requirements for annual meeting notices.
  • When notice is effective, adding time for mailing.
  • If an HOA does not have a reserve study, do they need to say something about reserve disclosures in budget ratification packet?
  • If an HOA is not required to have a reserve account, but they choose to have one, do they have to follow statutory requirements re: same?
  • Can a board update rules and regs without attorney review?

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