Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - December 14, 2022

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Today's Topics:

  • Surcharges for water usage in Units with tenants
  • Risks and penalties associated with having a board under 3 members
  • Board’s rights and responsibilities regarding a resale certificate prepared by their manager
  • Disclosing usage and other fees in the Resale Certificate
  • Board’s authority to regulate solar panels in a Condo
  • guidance for determining when notice is necessary for assessing damage/repairs/maintenance/inspection to a unit
  • Rumor regarding law that would make an Owner unable to sell their Unit if the reserves are not fully funded
  • Board’s responsibility for providing minutes to Owners
  • Owner rights and Board responsibilities when a Board decision is possibly based on false information
  • Fidelity insurance for theft and social engineering
  • Charging Owners for postage of required notices
  • Alternate Board members
  • Board’s responsibilities regarding pursuing competitive bids for contractors
  • Guidance for limits on number of Board members, and when it can or should be increased.
  • Board’s ability to restrict someone from joining the board if there is a vacancy
  • Is removal of a playground a capital improvement

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