Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - August 25, 2021

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August 25, 2021 Topics:

  • CA Day coming up on October 9. Proof of vaccination required to participate.
  • COVID-19 updates: Statewide mask mandate went into effect 8/23/21.
  • Statewide burn ban.
  • Homeowner Assistance Fund, part of American Rescue Plan Act.
  • Senate bill 5011 - overrules notice provisions in governing documents.
  • Discussion of statewide mask mandate and what this means for community associations.
  • Discussion about notice required for board meetings for all different community types.
  • Whether associations can shut off water for non-payment of assessments.
  • Can an association proceed with collections even if an owner does not personally sign for a certified letter sent to them re: same.
  • How to handle "info only" notices to owners, best practices for how to give notice for all types of communications.
  • Are owners entitled to know the outcome of a violation they report to the Association?
  • Steps to follow to effectively update (and make enforceable) changes to your fine schedule.
  • Brief discussion of new ownership trend, Pacaso.
  • What board policies are important, how to record them and communicate to owners.
  • How to administer a high-risk component amendment with uncooperative owners.
  • How to handle it when an owner requests a hearing and then doesn't show up.