Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - August 24, 2022

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DISCLAIMER - The discussions in this Zoom Q&A are not legal advice and cannot be used to advise any particular association (or owner) with any specific question and/or circumstances. The comments in this Zoom Q&A are intended for informational purposes only.

Today's Topics:

  • Secretary of State electronic filing for non-profit corporate filings still unavailable indefinitely.
  • Cameras outside of owner units, pointed at common areas.
  • Board member access to reserve funds.
  • Electronic notice & voting statutes - override governing documents?
  • Board authority to adopt fine schedule.
  • Are beehives pets? Livestock? How (if) to regulate?
  • Absentee ballots counting towards quorum for new motions not on agenda/ballot.
  • Can an association require owners to enroll in online media platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, or association website?
  • Board president authority to set agenda, refuse to add topics to agenda.
  • If association is named as additional insured, does that mean the policy provides coverage?
  • How WUCIOA interacts with/sometimes overrides budget and assessment provisions of declarations.
  • Banning a real estate agent from community for littering.
  • How to proceed w/ unpaid HOA dues?
  • Any new laws re: short-term rentals in associations?
  • Resale certificate fees, related/extra charges.
  • WUCIOA provision overriding caps on increases in assessments in HOA plat communities.
  • Statues relevant to condos created in early 1970s.
  • Adding items to agenda once it is mailed to owners.
  • If a definition in the governing documents differs from a statutory definition, which controls?
  • How to handle bed bugs, both practically and financially.
  • Comparison of New Act and WUCIOA resale certificate statutes, especially with respect to EV chargers.
  • Comments on how statutes protect board decisions, vs. perceived lack of fairness to owners.
  • How to handle drug-related paraphernalia in community.
  • What are fidelity bonds?