Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - August 23, 2023

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Today's Topics:

  • Recording fees increasing by $100 on January 1, 2024.
  • Appointing officers on board, sharing duties, etc.
  • How to handle a homeowner interfering with association vendors.
  • Incorporating an association with the Secretary of State.
  • Application of owner payments; collection options when foreclosure is not available.
  • Acceleration of assessments.
  • Small claims court for non-payment of assessments.
  • Owner requests to review delinquency reports, new records statute.
  • Handling returned mail from owners.
  • Discussion of statutory lien, foreclosure costs, and bankruptcy.
  • Can board have "study session" and exclude owners? (Spoiler: If you have an open meeting requirement, NO!)
  • Board's ability to delegate tasks.
  • Are family members not on title allowed to attend board meetings?
  • Percentages required to amend CC&Rs.
  • Resources available to owners, other than legal, when board won't follow governing documents/statutes.

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