Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - August 2, 2023

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Today's Topics:

  • Recording fees increasing by $100 on January 1, 2024.
  • Recap of foreclosure-related statutory changes.
  • Recording liens, who can record, when it is allowed, etc.?
  • Voting to approve the treasurer’s report/financials at the monthly board meeting.
  • If the Declaration (aka CC&Rs) say “may” and the Bylaws or Rules say “shall,” which one controls?
  • Charging fees when properties sell; different types of fees, authority for same.
  • How much notice of board meetings is required for HOAs governed by RCW 64.38? What about emergencies?
  • Discussion of board member attendance at meeting, expectations re: same.
  • Documenting directives to manager in board meeting minutes.
  • What board authority can be delegated to manager?
  • Checking worker’s comp insurance status when working with contractors.
  • Who is responsible when an owner’s tree branch hangs over a neighbor’s property.
  • Can condos in WA impose rental caps?
  • Fixing errors in board meeting minutes.
  • Can the ARC (architectural review committee) dictate the materials used when owners do work on their homes?

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