Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - April 6, 2022

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Today's Topics:

  • Definition of “majority vote”
  • Waiving HOA audit
  • When should annual meeting minutes be approved?
  • Can the Owners move to adopt WUCIOA at a meeting?
  • Fee for staging a unit for sale
  • How to update ARC guidelines
  • Statute addressing weighted voting
  • Raising reserves without completing reserve maintenance items
  • Enforcement for RCW 64.38 RCW
  • Which controls, Bylaws or RCW? (specifically RCW 64.38)
  • Approval requirements for online decisions
  • Can a Board member be removed if quorum is not met
  • HB1793 Electric vehicle charging legislation
  • Remodeling vs. major construction
  • What governing documents do and do not get recorded?
  • Airspace Condos
  • Does the audit waiver request get filed somewhere?
  • Statute for email votes
  • Can a the Board/property manager remove another board member from communications and meetings