Condominium Law Group Zoom Q&A - April 26, 2023

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Today's Topics:

  • April 29 WSCAI's Law Day
  • Form 27/resale certificate
  • If/how to regulate owner's smoking in parking lot
  • Delinquency rate/percentage, evaluating same
  • Are spouses co-owners even if not on title?
  • How to handle a proxy if the owner who issued it shows up to the meeting
  • Voting in elections when there are only as many candidates as their are vacancies
  • RCW 64.90.495(3)(k) - what agreements can be withheld from owner review under this statute?
  • Amending CC&Rs - do you have to use a lawyer?
  • HOA Act provisions (RCW 64.38.035) re: association and board meeting minutes -
  • Are owners entitled to review the unredacted delinquency report?
  • What can owners do when a majority don't support new rules adopted by the board?
  • What rules can boards make about the use of limited common area parking spots?
  • Recording Zoom meetings; if/when you have to provide recording to owners
  • Old Act condos - is owner insurance required?
  • Directors & officers liability insurance; how does it work?
  • Board withholding records from newly elected Secretary; recourse?
  • Volunteer waiver - questions re: same
  • Executive session after association (not board) meeting
  • Director's reports, communicating with owners

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