CLG COVID -19 Q&As November 25, 2020

CLG COVID -19 Q&As Novemb…

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CLG COVID -19 Q&As November 25, 2020 topics:

  • Governor's Proclamation update
  • Eviction Resolution - King County
  • Holiday decorations
  • Parking spaces
  • COVID in the association
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Board President making a motion
  • Board meetings without owners?
  • Aging prepaids and how are they handled?
  • Is a digital signature on a proxy valid?
  • Handling homeowner requests to view association records, including legal invoices Resale certificates, budget disclosure, increasing dues
  • Not having pre-selected/nominated candidates before the Notice of Meeting - how nominate and elect Directors when the meeting is held via Zoom?
  • Tips and tricks for handling an Annual meeting via Zoom