CLG COVID -19 Q&As - December 23, 2020

CLG COVID -19 Q&As - Dece…

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Condominium Law Group - CLG COVID -19 Q&As - December 23, 2020 Topics include:

  • Governor's Proclamation update
  • Board members - decreased by one, can they still conduct business?
  • Requirement for budget ratification on associations under development and still under developer control?
  • Resident (tenant) not following mask rules & inappropriate behavior
  • FHA Options for Single family borrowers impacted by COVID.
  • Message boards are not legal advice!
  • Reserve studies & annual budget mailing
  • Annual meeting minutes - availability for owners' review timeline
  • Reserve study timing and the annual budget meeting
  • HOA insurance - who pays when the unit owner is at fault?
  • Writing off a credit balance for an owner. Nominations and elections - need some clarification
  • Video surveillance
  • Political opinion signs