CLG COVID -19 Q&As May 5, 2021

CLG COVID -19 Q&As May 5,…

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Condominium Law Group CLG COVID -19 Q&As May 5, 2021 topics:

  • Governor’s proclamation 20-51
  • Meetings
  • Owners/tenants behaving badly
  • Former Board member's actions in their community
  • Indemnifying Board members
  • Zoom Annual meeting netted more volunteers than open Board positions. Now what?
  • Understanding quorum and elections Associations, landlords and tenants - complying with local laws
  • Threatening signs in associations
  • Posting recorded Zoom meetings on the association website. Should we be concerned?
  • Clarifying WUCIOA, electronic meetings and notices, plus SB 5011
  • WUCIOA & marijuana smoke
  • Electronic notification and opting in
  • Benefits of a High Risk Component Provision in the Declaration/Covenants