CLG COVID -19 Q&As February 3, 2021

CLG COVID -19 Q&As Februa…

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CLG COVID -19 Q&As February 3, 2021 - Topics:

  • January/February 2021 CAI Journal: Go to the article on Virtual Meetings in the Real World, page 12.
  • Guiding Principles for Community Association Governing Documents: https://lsc-pagepro.mydigitalpublicat...
  • WUCIOA Budget Ratification Provision
  • RCW 64.90.525
  • Budget ratification notices must include:
    (a) The projected income to the association by category;
    (b) The projected common expenses and those specially allocated expenses that are subject to being budgeted, both by category;
    (c) The amount of the assessments per unit and the date the assessments are due;
    (d) The current amount of regular assessments budgeted for contribution to the reserve account;
    (e) A statement of whether the association has a reserve study that meets the requirements of RCW 64.90.550 and, if so, the extent to which the budget meets or deviates from the recommendations of that reserve study; and
    (f) The current deficiency or surplus in reserve funding expressed on a per unit basis.
  • WSCAI's listing of insurance professionals:
  • Committee members remaining anonymous?
  • Updating bylaws
  • Holding Board and Annual meetings during COVID
  • Tree issues WA State Senate Bill 5011
  • Insurance issues - property and liability, umbrella policies
  • Reserve Studies