Update on Changes at CLG

As you should now be aware, three of our attorney colleagues (Rachel Burkemper, Stephen Smith, and Theresa Torgesen) left our firm on July 5, 2016 to form their own firm. They have been contacting Condominium Law Group’s clients this week causing confusion and frustration with our, and your, clients. We sincerely apologize for this. It has been extremely validating to receive emails and calls from so many clients and managers that they appreciate the work the Condo Law team has provided to them, and that they will continue with us. We continue to have the staff to service our clients, and despite their communication, there is no urgency or need to decide who will work on your legal matters today. Staying with our firm requires you to do nothing and there is no need to respond to their letter and emails. If you chose to leave Condo Law, and we sincerely hope you don’t, we need a signed letter from the Board president requesting the association’s files be moved to another firm. Here’s the new points of contact for our community association client files:
  • Valerie Oman, collections attorney, has taken over client files that Rachel Burkemper was working on.
  • Thomas Coy, collections attorney, has taken over client files that Stephen Smith was working on.
  • Ken Harer, general counsel attorney, has taken over client files that Theresa Torgesen was working on.
With that said, if you believe that something is not being attended to, please let us know so that we may serve you. SEAFAIR PARTY! We would also like to inform you about our annual Seafair Blue Angel luncheon for Community Association Managers taking place on Friday, August 5, 2016 from noon – 4pm at Gil Price’s Leschi home located at 3513 S. Leschi Place, Seattle, WA 98144. Mark your calendars as we look forward to seeing you! Thank you for your business and the entire Condo Law team looks forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months. Ken Harer and the Condo Law Team
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