Condo Law Webinars in August

Sign up today for our upcoming Wednesday webinars! Managers, boards, and homeowners are welcome to participate in our Wednesday webinars. If you can’t participate in our webinars, we always record them for playback later. Just go to and click on the Webinar page to view and listen to all of our recorded webinars.

Popular Amendments to Association Governing Documents: Why, What and How - August 10, 2011 at 10am

Governing documents can be confusing and often times Association do not realize that what they do in practice is not what their documents actually require. Amending the governing documents can prevent confusion and disputes in the future. Does the Association have all of the current “tools” in their “toolbox” or do they need to amend their documents to take advantage of newer definitions, procedures, and processes? Amendments can empower your Association in the wake of the current economic situation and allow Associations to take full advantage of the provisions of the Washington State Condominium Act.

Presented by Ken Harer, Condominium Law Group PLLC.

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Collecting Judgments from Seriously Delinquent Owners in Small Claims Court - August 31, 2011

Taking a delinquent homeowner to Small Claims Court can be daunting for those who have never experienced it. Join an association board president and an attorney as they walk you through the process of taking a delinquent homeowner to Small Claims Court. Presented by Theresa Torgesen, Condominium Law Group PLLC and Tom Files, Association Board President.

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